Mounds of Baraboo, Wisconsin Dells and Devil's Lake Area
My name is                               and I tried to collect as much information as possible on this site about Native American mounds in Wisconsin. The state was the center of the prehistoric culture, called Woodland, that built the mounds. Consequently, Wisconsin had the largest number of mounds built of any state in the nation and has the largest number of them saved from destruction and preserved on public or private lands. Most of the mounds accessible to a general public are on this site, with possibly few more I didn't discover. In the future I'll add some illustrations and information from my extensive collection of "Wisconsin Archeologist" journal.

The site is devoted to Native American structures commonly called Indian Mounds
Devil's Lake
Man Mound
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Kingsley Bend
Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Mounds, from Prairie du Sac to Prairie du Chien
Avoca Mounds
Mounds of Lake Koshkonong, Rock River & Vicinity
Whitewater Indian         Mounds Park
Garman Nature Preserve
Jefferson County Indian    Mounds & Trail Park
Non-profit group  called Cultural Landscapes Legacies, Inc. takes care of the mounds along the entire length of the Riverway. Check out their website at
Hugh Highsmith, Fort Atkinson businessman and landowner, invested a lot of time and money into protecting the mounds of this area. He authored a book called The Mounds of Koshkonong & Rock River.
"People who don't preserve and cherish their past don't have a future"
Mississippi Mounds
Nelson Dewey State Park
Wayside Mounds
Wanek Bird Mound
Wyalusing State Park
Schaefer Bird Mound
Shadewald Mounds
Wisconsin Burial Sites Preservation Law (Wisconsin Statutes 157.70) affords Indian Mounds preservation from
destruction, but nothing affords them preservation from neglect. I urge everyone reading these pages to look around
and see if any mounds in your area are overgrown with vegetation, have pedestrian traffic over them or outright damage
by vandals and/or animals. If so, please contact your local officials in charge of particular park or other public property
and ask them to take care of the problem. The mounds are everybody's heritage and we have to pool our resources
and combine our efforts to save them!
Central Wisconsin Mounds
Panther Mound
  of Mauston
New Lisbon Indian         Mounds Park
Cranberry Creek      
Dingman Mound Group
Ho-Chunk Mounds
Madison area Mounds - Lake Monona
Elmside Park
Madison area Mounds - Lake Wingra
Madison area Mounds - Lake Mendota
Blackhawk Country Club
Wisconsin Heights       Battlefield
South-Eastern  Wisconsin Mounds
Cutler Park
Mound Cemetery
Forest Hill Cemetery
Hudson Park
Heim Mound
Limery Ridge      
Twin Lizard Mound Group
Observatory Hill
Willow Drive
Town of Roxbury
Dorothy Carnes
   County Park
Nitschke Mounds        County Park
Jefferson Tamarack
Edgewood College
Edna Taylor Conservancy
Woodland Park
Lizard Mound     County Park
Yahara Heights      County Park
Totem Mound Park
Beloit College
Cherockee Marsh
Governor Nelson
    State Park
    Madison area Mounds -
Lakes Waubesa & Kegonsa
Lake Kegonsa State Park
Mendota State Hospital
Bear Mound Park
Wehmhoff Mound
Lake Park
Vilas Park
Spring Harbor School
Panther Intaglio
Eagle Heights
Picnic Point
Lake Delton      
Burrows Park
Outlet Mound
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Mounds & Earthworks

Goodland County Park
Pheasant Branch     Conservancy
Mounds of Lake Winnebago & Vicinity
Northern Wisconsin Mounds
Sheboygan Indian         Mounds Park
Rice Lake
High Cliff State Park
Calumet County Park
Smith Park
Taylor Lake Mound     
State Fair Park
Lake Emily County Park
Plainfield Tunnel Channel Lakes SNA      
Upper Whiting Park    
Whistler Mounds Park    
Kennedy Pond
    Indian Mound Conservation Park
Siggelkow Road Park
Woodland Commons Park
Nondahl Mound Group
Taylor Road Conservancy
Perrot State Park
Nicholls Mound      
Myrick Park
Monona Mound
Elvehjem Sanctuary
Carroll College
Riverside Park
Lake Pepin
Wakanda Park
Mounds on Private Property
Bow & Arrow Effigy
Bedora Mounds
Archibald Lake
Riverside Cemetery
Lake Tomahawk
Mourning Dove Mound
Pabst Farms
Baraboo River
Quaas Creek Park    
Lake Wissota State Park
Gasner Hollow
Cassville Bluffs
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Taylor Park
Pilgrim Center Mounds   
Eagle Eye