New Lisbon Indian Mounds Park
(Gee's Slough Group)
National Register of Historic Places

  This well-preserved group on the shores of Lemonweir river consists of 3 conical, 2 linear mounds, one dumbell (technically short compound, or chain mound) and one panther effigy. The group used to have 7 more mounds that were destroyed sometimes in
the past. Lions Club of new Lisbon helped preserved this group and is taking care of the park (it owns the land too).

  The mounds are in good condition and well maintained.  The only thing that could use some refreshing is a decorative fence and
the fading tablets indicating what kind of mound one's looking at. Also, some tree stumps still adorn the mounds, but it takes time
for those to rot away. You can find this group along Indian Mound Road off HWYs12/16 just south of New Lisbon.