Twin Lizard Mound Group
(Bloyer Group or Catfish Group)
National Register of Historic Places

  National Register of Historic Places calls this mound group Twin Lizard or Bloyer group. Wisconsin DNR, however, also mentions
Catfish Group as a part of the same cluster of mounds - the latter name doesn't seem to appear anywhere else. Altogether, there
are 15 mounds, including 3 birds, 2 lizards, 1 bear, 1 conical and 8 linear mounds, all located on the Orion Mussel Bed State Natural
Area, at the end of Aigner Lane just south of intersection of HWY 60, HWY OO and Ginger's Road.
  The group is in pretty good condition, except for the trees growing on the mounds (they're being removed slowly but surely
according to Wisconsin Mounds Maintenance Protocol). System of crude but maintained trails bordered with small logs leads
around and across the grouping, thanks to the efforts of Cultural Landscape Legacies, Inc. volunteers.