Mound Themes & Ornaments

The above pictured ornaments are on the floor of De Jope Residential Hall on UW-Madison Campus. The themes inside and around
the building reflect the rich Native American History of the area. The schemes of the actual nearby mound groups are incorporated
into the floor tiles. The building is closest to a Willow Drive Mound Group, but other three groups on campus pictured here too:
Observatory Hill group, Eagle Heights Group and Picnic Point Group. Outside the hall, in the fire ring, there are seals of all the modern
Indian Tribes of Wisconsin (see below).

The ornaments below are from the floor of the Dane County Expo Center (I use the old name, since the new one - Alliant Energy Center - sounds more like a power plant than the expo center). As you noticed, I use these ornaments as a backgrounds throughout this website.

The artwork above is called "Legacy". Created by Jean Stamsta, it is hanging at the Grainger Hall of the University of Wisconsin - Madison.
It portrays a bird, a bear and a panther mounds.