Kingsley Bend Mounds
(Crossing Group, Gale Group, Bennett Group)
National Register of Historic Places

This group of mounds is preserved on the land owned by Ho-Chunk Nation just east of Wisconsin Dells on Highway 16. According to the
map, the site consists of 3 groups: Crossing Group (named after the nearby highway and railroad crossing), Gale Group (named after
Ms. Hattie Gale of Kilbourn) and Bennett Group (named after famous local photographer H.H. Bennett of Kilbourn). There is also a bird effigy
and linear mound across the highway 16. Recently, three acres of adjacent land with two conical mounds on it were purchased by the
Natural Heritage Land Trust and Ho-Chunk from private owner. The site is in good condition and is being further improved. Mounds have
grass and native plants grown on them; trees were removed that used to grow on the body of the mounds. The entire area is being restored
to an Oak Savanna, just like it used to be before the arrival of European settlers.