Panther Intaglio
(Riverside Group)
National Register of Historic Places

  Intaglio is a printmaking term and roughly refers to something that's depressed or incised (opposite to a relief). In mounds it means
the silhouette (usually effigy, most likely panther) that's depressed into the ground rather than rising above like most of the rest of the
mounds. There are records of several Native American intaglios that existed in the area in the past. This intaglio is the only one remaining
(and the only one of this type in the world). The panther is a part of what used to be the Riverside Mound Group. It contained 13 other
mounds, including large conical "signal" mound, a bird, a bear, and several unusually shaped mounds, including one resembling a cross.
The intaglio is located on the Riverside Drive (HWY 106) on the west side of Fort Atkinson. It lies on a tiny piece of private property along
the road, just big enough to accommodate the effigy. On the bright side, isolated like that, there is no foot traffic near the intaglio.

    Article from WI Archeologist, 1910
While in Fort Atkinson, you might want to visit Hoard Historical Museum downtown. The museum has a magnificient multi-media
mound exposition, complete with mound video played in a small theater, multiple exhibits with information and photos, ancient
artifacts from that era and a diorama of Woodland Period life, among other things (see below).

  Mound Marker at Intaglio