Nelson Dewey State Park Mounds
There are three groupings of mounds in the park, which could be a part of the same big group. All of them are unmarked.

  One cluster is around aptly named Mound Point, stretching along the park road in both directions. The mounds are in good shape,
not being walked on or mowed; the only problem is few big trees growing on the surface of these mounds. It appears the group has
conical and compound (chain) mounds (above).

The other grouping is by the main overlook and picnic area, also containing compound mounds. Located in the busy area, this cluster
is being trodden on by public and gets mowed. The picnic table is on what appears to be a conical mound (above).
The third bunch of mounds is located in the campground. Despite the two pieces of decorative fence, most of the mounds are neglected,
with trees of all sizes and brush growing on them (above).

  All in all, I think the park of the caliber of Nelson Dewey, named after the first governor of Wisconsin, can and should do a better job
of preserving, protecting and marking its rich historic heritage.

Article from Nelson Dewey State Park Newsletter