Lake Delton Mound
(Newport Mound)

Located south of the spot where Lake Delton breached the levee and emptied into Wisconsin River, the riverfront property around
the mound was purchased by the city of Lake Delton few years ago, and a public park was created, called Newport Park, after the
City of Newport that used to exist near this spot. The park is right next to River's Edge Resort.

The mound is a panther, or water spirit. The picture above was taken few years ago. I've talked to a gentleman working for nearby
hotel, who volunteered to put large rocks around the mound to prevent accidental driving over it. I regret I failed to ask his name,
but community should be grateful to him for helping to preserve the mound.

Pictures below were taken in 2012, and you can see how drastically different the place is now. But the mound is still there,
with all but one tree removed from its surface, and metal fence erected to protect the effigy.