Wakanda Park Mounds
(Upper Wakanda Group)
National Register of Historic Places

    Located in Wakanda Park in Menomonie on the shores of Lake Menomin, this group is what's left of once large cluster of mounds
that were submerged when Lake Menomin was created by damming Red Cedar River. Out of seventeen submerged mounds, fourteen
were excavated by archeologists. Some of the mounds contained burials, including an individual wearing clay mask - the feature
found in only two other mound sites in Wisconsin.

By different accounts, either three or four mounds are still extant in the park, all supposed to be ovals. I found two definite mounds in
decent condition, unmowed and away from pedestrian traffic at the dead end on the ridge overlooking the lake. Nearby, there was a raise
in the ground that might have been third mound, but it's pretty low and mowed with the rest of the disc golf course on which it's located.