Woodland Commons Park Mounds
(Dale Group)

  Just like few other groups in this region, this one requires a bit of investigation. There is no publicly available information to connect
the dots here, so I had to do it myself. Woodland Commons Park is a small public space in the Village of McFarland, located between
Larson Beach and Lexington Streets north of Dale Street. It's totally unmarked and basically inaccessible to public. According to the
Village of McFarland, it's one of the four spots where mounds are still present and will see further effort to preserve them. If one
compares the map of the village's parks and the map created by local resident and mound explorer Dr.William G. MacLachlan and
published in his report "The Mounds of the Lake Waubesa Region" in 1914, one will see that Woodland Commons Park harbors remains
of the Dale Group. These mounds are also described in the book "City of the Second Lake" by B.Houghton, J.Licht & M.Nielsen.

Today, it seems that part of one of the linear mounds is still extant on this site (while two other linears were destroyed), along with
a strange L-shaped mound. Both have shrubbery growing on them.