Mendota Hospital Mounds
(Mendota State Hospital or Asylum Group
& Farwell's Point Group)
National Register of Historic Places

  Two groups of mounds are located on the hospital grounds. Mendota State Hospital Group has 3 large birds (the biggest one originally
had a wingspan of 624 feet), 2 panthers (one, with unusual curved tail, is often called squirrel), 2 bears, 1 unidentified effigy, several
conicals and very unusual deer effigy with four legs. This group used to have at least 6 more conicals, another bear and some linear
mounds. The group is in decent condition, although some parts of the surviving mounds have been damaged or destroyed in the past. Unfortunately, the group gets mowed with the surrounding landscape, which in time will degrade the mounds. Also, some old trees
still grow on the mounds (see above).

James Steakley
Another group, called Farwell's Point Group, has at least a dozen of conicals, a bird and another unidentified effigy (marked as a turtle on
the hospital mounds map, but more likely bear), and also parts of 2 panthers and 2 linears. It used to have more conicals, some linears,
2 more birds (one of them goose), 1 bear and what's considered possible dragonfly mound (marked as a snake-eater on the hospital
mounds map). Just like another group on the Hospital grounds, this one gets mowed and parts of some mounds were damaged during
past construction activities (see above).

  Upon entering the grounds, you'll be greeted by the bird-mound symbolism permeating the territory, embedded in the signage
and monuments (the Hospital uses the bird mounds as its logo). It's recommended to stop at the administrative building to register
(and you can get a map showing the location of the mounds).

  Four-Footed Effigy Mound