Lake Wissota State Park Mound
(Tako's Site)

     This mound is located further north than most of the rest of the effigies in the state. To find it, visit Lake Wissota State Park in 
Chippewa County. The mound is along the trail on top of the bluff overlooking Lake Wissota, just north of the shelter at the 
campground. The panther is very long, more than 260 feet, and was bisected by the trail. Recently, the trail was rerouted and 
interpretive signage installed at both ends of the former section of the trail, to discourage people from walking on the mound. Some 
portions of the mound are covered by invasive shrubbery - more work needs to be done to preserve the effigy. This mound group used
 to have two more mounds, but they were destroyed over the time.