Siggelkow Road Park Mound
(Siggelkow Park Group or Lorraine's Linear)
National Register of Historic Places

  Only one linear mound still exists of this group, and remnants of another linear are on private property nearby. Scientists think there
might be remnants of a conical mound here too.

This mound is tough to find. Siggelkow Road Park is totally unmarked, squeezed between Siggelkow Road to the north and Valley Drive
and Rustic Way to the east and south of the park respectively. It's just a wooded hill without any public access (the footpath is planned
for the future). You can park on Rustic Way and go up the hill, but not guaranteed to find the mound - it's hiding in the thicket at the
top. Trees, shrubs and all kinds of invasives grow on the mound. It's clear that no one tried to preserve the mound in historical times.