Pabst Farms Mounds
(Regula Group III)

     Several mounds from this group are still intact on the property known as Pabst Farms near the intersection of Interstate 94 and
State Highway 67 in Waukesha County. At this time the property is still being developed, with the biggest tenant already there -
Aurora Health center (can be seen from the Interstate). There is a small street going around Aurora, called Stonehenge Trail, that
dead-ends just east of the health center. Just before you reach the dead end, three mounds can be seen from the road, to the north
of it (looking toward the Interstate). Two of the mounds are effigies, and one looks like an oval. The latter has a sizable pit in the
middle of the mound, but the effigies are in fair condition. It's not clear whose property the mounds are on, but they are very close to
the sidewalk, and traces of the cut shrubbery can be seen around them - apparently someone takes some care of the earthworks.