Cassville Mound

There isn't much information about this mound anywhere but in the old archives. Located in the hard-to-miss Riverside Park on
Cassville's Mississippi shore, the mound is in the shape of bird. The effigy is pretty degraded, so it's hard to figure what type
of bird it was, but Cassville's website mentions Bald Eagle. The plaque by the mound is deteriorated and hard to read.

The mound is located very near a playground and a shelter, not protected from foot traffic, although I didn't see anybody in the entire
park. I suppose there might be crowds there during local events held in the park. The bigger threat to the mound is its location mere
yards from the mighty Mississippi, subject to occasional floods. When I was there the river was just few inches from overflowing its
banks, and the area was soggy. Also, the effigy has a tree and a shrub growing  on it and it gets mowed.