Cassville Bluffs Mound
(Uppena 2 Group?)

     Pictured above is a LIDAR image of the falcon effigy located on the grounds of Cassville Bluffs State Natural Area. The place is
owned partially by DNR and partially by Mississippi Valley Conservancy. Mississippi Valley Conservancy's page mentions that the
effigy has a 270-foot wingspan. See the page below:

The road to the top of the bluffs is well hidden in summer, when the greenery is lush, but can be found during leafless seasons
once you reach the end of Sand Lake Lane. But the mound's location is not at all obvious once up on top; I lucked out meeting
a local walking in the woods with family, and they showed me the mound. While hidden in the woods, the work is underway to cut
trees and keep the brush off the body of the mound. While very difficult to relay in the photos, the mound is in good shape.