Yahara Heights County Park
(Halvorson Group or Yahara Group #2)
National Register of Historic Places

  This group used to have 1 bear, 1 oval, 1 possible conical, 1 linear, 1 panther and another effigy that some sources identify as a fox and
some as a panther. Nowadays, only panther, bear and possible conical remain.
  The group is in very poor condition, despite being on the National Register of Historic Places. When I made the above photo of the panther few years ago, the mound was still clearly seen. Today, it's being taken over by invasives and, not having any markers or signs, is easy to
miss even if you're looking for it. The bear effigy to the north is in even worse shape, totally covered by a thicket of shrubs and young
trees, with an animal path going right over it. Unless somebody steps in and preserves the effigies, the nature will eventually reclaim them.