Man Mound
National Register of Historic Places
  Man Mound is located on the Man Mound Road east of Baraboo in the Sauk County Park dedicated to the preservation of this unique
effigy, 214 feet tall and 48 feet wide in the shoulders. The land was purchased by the Sauk County Historical Society, Wisconsin
Archeological Society and Wisconsin Federation of Women' clubs in 1907. There are no other man-shaped mounds left in Wisconsin.
Early explorers documented several similar effigies around the state, but the others have since been destroyed (one was near LaValle
in Sauk County). Part of this mound has been destroyed too when the road was built - it cut the effigy's legs. Local authorities,
Ho-Chunk Nation and the farmer who owns the land where the legs used to be, are cooperating to keep the outlines of the entire man, including painting the legs on the road and on the private property across the road. The preserved portion of the mound is in good
condition and is being taken good care of. There are two plaques and an interpretive display next to the mound.

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Photo by Ethan Brodsky

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