Cherokee Marsh Mounds

    The book "Native American Mounds in Madison and Dane County" mentions two conical mounds in the park, although attached
map shows a linear mound in addition to those two. See map at the end of the book if you want to find the mounds (link is on the front
page at the bottom). I found the mound on top of the hill in a poor shape, with trees and some shrubs growing on the mound, and
some deadwood  lying right on top of it. The mound near the water, marked with a monument, was in even worse shape, with trees
and bushes growing all over it. Apparently, not much is being done to save the mounds from deterioration. I walked to where the
linear mound was supposed to be according to the map, but found loads of construction material of all kinds instead, stored on the
ground all over the place.