Eagle Heights Mounds
(Eagle Heights Group)

     Today, Eagle Heights Woods is a part of Lakeshore Preserve stretching from this wood parcel all the way to the UW Union Terrace
in downtown Madison. It's fairly easy to find this group, containing one conical and two tapering linear mounds, following the
signage and then looking for chain-link fence indicating the location of the mounds. But that's where the mood turns sour. The
conical mound still can be seen during off-season times when vegetation is absent (it also has a huge boulder sitting on top). The
linear mounds, though, are completely overtaken by buckthorn and other invasives. These mounds were at some point cleared by
the group called Friends of the Campus Natural Areas (FCNA), but it happened some years ago. Today, nobody seems to care, and
this group is yet another glaring example of deterioration and neglect the archeological treasures suffer in the City of Madison
(although, to be fair, the land is owned by the UW-Madison). A bronze plaque marking the location of the mounds that was installed
decades ago has since disappeared. On the bright side, I've got a word that plans are in the works to take care of the mounds fairly
soon - the claim made believable by the fact of a recent good work done on other mound groups on UW-Madison grounds. You can
read more about Eagle Heighs Mounds at: