Whistler Mounds Park
(Whistler Mound Group & Enclosure)
National Register of Historic Places

Whistler Mound Group is located in the Whistler Mounds Park on Fish Lake at the intersection of 6th Avenue and Beechnut Drive just
east of Hancock (exact address is N4140 6th Ave.). It's hard to miss since, once in Hancock, you'll see plenty of road signs pointing to
the location.

The group consists of the two rows of conical mounds and a low, earthen double enclosure, one of only few surviving in Wisconsin. Archeologists don't know exact meaning and purpose of enclosures, but believe they served as special sacred places where
ceremonies were held.

The group used to have up to 70 mounds long ago, but only dozen or so remain today. The group is in decent condition. Barely
discernable trail leads around the site. It seemed to me that mounds get mowed, at least occasionally.