Willow Drive Mounds
(University Creek Group)

   This group, located next to UW-Madison Natatorium, consists of a goose and remains of two unknown effigies, plus a conical mound next to Frederick Hall. The entire group (except for a lone conical) is surrounded by decorative fence to prevent casual walking over the mounds and
is in good condition, with only couple of large trees growing over the mounds. It seems the university stopped mowing the mounds (again,
except the conical), and there is a savanna restoration project going on the adjacent lands. All of the mounds were damaged at some point
in the past during construction of the campus. The conical mound at Frederick Hall is the most vulnerable here - it's not marked, gets mowed
with the rest of the lawn it sits upon and gets walked over by unaware students and passersby.

  Burial Mound at Willow Drive
  Excavation of Goose Effigy at Willow Drive