Blackhawk Country Club Mounds
(Blackhawk Country Club Group)
National Register of Historic Places

  The group is in good condition, marked by monuments and cared for by Golf Club’s management. It's most famous for its flying goose
effigy. The only obvious problem is that the group gets tractor-mowed. The replica of destroyed hawk mound is on top of the hill by
the parking lot and is accessible to public. Perhaps the rest of the mounds could be made accessible to public by the Club in off-season months, as was suggested by the Honorary President of the Club L.Markwardt when nominating the mound group for inclusion into the National Register of Historic Places. Also, he mentions that panther mound, which is part of the group but located on two private
properties right next to Village of Shorewood Hills marina, could be easily accessed from Lake Mendota Drive. I could not even see
the mound or its plaque, let alone access it. (One of the bear mounds and its plaque could be seen from the parking lot along
aforementioned street in front of the village marina). According to Charles Brown, the group originally had 3 conicals, 3 bears,
3 tapering linear mounds, 1 goose & 1 bird (hawk), and 1 panther.

© Jim Steakley
© Jim Steakley
© Jim Steakley
  Two brochures are written about this group by L.J.Markwardt, an Honorary President of the Blackhawk Country Club.

  Goose Effigy