Monona Mound
(Reindahl Mound, Lake Edge Park Group)
National Register of Historic Places

Club-shaped Reindahl Mound is the only one surviving to this day out of this group that used to contain another club-shaped mound
and 2 conicals. The shape of the mound is rather odd, and is thought to be a linear mound with the conical one at its end.
It's in a decent shape, apart from being mowed and having some trees growing on it.

Located at 4009 Monona Ave., both the mound and prominent Monona resident Knute Reindahl's house are Monona landmarks.
You will find a memorial plaque right by the sidewalk, and can see the mound stretching towards the lake. Don't leave the sidewalk
and approach the mound, though - it's a private property.

You can read more about Knute Reindahl and "his" mound at: