Archibald Lake Mounds
(Archibald Lake Group II)

     This is one of the least known and most remote mound groups in Wisconsin, located all the way up north in Oconto County,
in the easternmost parcel of the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest near Lakewood. The only website mentioning the mounds
(other than archeological preservation documents) is Historic & Archeological Sites of Oconto County at:

Supposedly the largest mound grouping in northeastern Wisconsin (I don't have any information on the number of mounds), and
consisting of linear and conical mounds, the site's location is protected by the Forest Service, on whose land the site is located.
One of the reasons for that is ongoing looting of the site, being so remote and seldom visited. One would think the time of grave
robbers has long passed, but that nasty crime can still be encountered nowadays. But the area is worth you while to visit even
if you don't see the mounds - nearby is Cathedral Woods, or Cathedral of Pines - parcel of virgin pine forest preserved from
logging and relatively well known up north. That site is a State Natural Area, so tread lightly.

Photo courtesy of Oconto County