Kennedy Pond Mounds

Kennedy Pond, or Lost Lake, lies at the western boundary of Holy Wisdom Monastery, run by Benedictine Women of Madison -
progressive religious order that, among other things, is trying to return the monastery lands to their pre-settlement condition.
The monastery also has a small group of Indian Mounds near Kennedy Pond under its care. I didn't find much information on this group
in the literature or the web, but saw two linear mounds being restored, with brush and shrubs removed from the mounds. There are
few more mounds scattered among sisters' houses, but access is prohibited there to respect their privacy. There is no map to show
where the mounds are, so if you go, ask for assistance at the monastery at 4200 County Road M, Middleton, WI. You can also find
contact information at Remember that the monastery is a private property, and while they allow and welcome people to visit and walk their trails and enjoy restored prairies and woodlands, tread lightly and respect all the posted signs.