Nondahl Mound Group

  According to the City of Madison's documents, Nondahl Mound Group is located at 5102 Siggelkow Rd. However, that non-existing
address would fall in the middle of the low-lying field, site of recent development. According to “History of McFarland” by B.Houghton,
J.Licht & M.Nielsen, the group has been destroyed. However, about 500 yards north of Siggelkow Road across from Siggelkow Park,
there is a hill hosting what looks like local park (totally unmarked). Located between Valor Way, Eagles Perch Drive and Star Spangled
Trail, it falls into the jurisdiction of the City of Madison. On top of the hill I found what looked like a bear effigy and 2 linear mounds
arranged in a straight-line fashion. The location and composition of this site matches that of Nondahl Group as described by William MacLachlan. It's also marked on the map of Marsh Road Neighborhood Development Plan.

The mounds are covered by sick brush and shrubbery but are close enough to a pedestrian trail so that you can see them, at least
in off-season when the leaves are gone.