Edna Taylor Conservancy Mounds
(Pflaum-McWilliams Group)
National Register of Historic Places

  This group saw a marked improvement since I visited it few years ago. Lots of work has been done to remove the vegetation and
clean up the mounds (in the recent past you could hardly see even the mound marked with a monument, let alone unmarked ones).
There are 6 linear mounds and 1 panther on this site. These mounds stand out because of their length - the longest one used to be
many hundred feet long before it was truncated by human activity. The group used to have three more linears and one conical
mounds, destroyed during construction of HWY 51 and other development (two of the surviving linears were damaged too). Parts of
the linear mounds are cut across by what used to be a sledding hill, but the area was recently roped-off to prevent further damage
and possibly restore missing mound parts sometimes in the future.