Lake Tomahawk Mounds
(Indian Mounds Campground)
National Register of Historic Places

The mounds are located in the Northern Highlands/American Legison State Forest, at the campground two miles north of the
community of Lake Tomahawk on Highway 47. Four conical mounds should be seen in the picnic area adjacent to the lake,
according to many sources. I found only one mound prominently dominating bare forest floor. It doesn't look like it's being maintained,
but nothing grows on the ground in that part of the woods, so mound is easy to find. There are two other mounds, or what looks like mounds, covered with a thicket of young pine trees. It appears those mounds were maintained at some point, but several years ago
were left to their own devices, so to speak, and the pine growth propagated on top of them. No matter how much I looked around,
I couldn't locate the fourth mound. In general, it doesn't look like there is any steward to these mounds at this point, which is sad.