Taylor Road Conservancy
(Evans & Nelson Group)

  Just south of Taylor Road and east of Lexington Drive in McFarland there is a public property called Taylor Road Conservancy, located
on the hill surrounded by residential housing. The hill, hosting a pine plantation, is very typical for this area of (formerly) muddy
lowlands interspersed with small hillocks, all offering a view to Lake Waubesa, many home to mounds (just across the street another
small hill hosts the Dale Mound Group). The park is unmarked and undeveloped, but there is a path going up from the sidewalk on
Lexington Drive. According to the Village of McFarland, this property harbors one of the surviving mounds, and if one compares
McFarland's park map with the mound map by a local mound explorer and early 20th century resident William MacLachlan, one
will realize it's got to be the mound group located on the farms of O.E.Evans and N.G.Nelson. At the time of MacLachlan's research,
there were two linear mounds left of this group. I found what definitely looks like a linear mound on top of the hill, part of it covered
with shrubbery. The Village of McFarland has plans to preserve this and few other mounds in the area and possibly improve public
access and mark the mounds.