Ho-Chunk Mounds
(Eagle Township Group or McClary Group 4)
National Register of Historic Places

This group is located on the territory of the Ho-Chunk Bison Ranch near Muscoda. To get there, one has to drive west on HWY 60
about mile and half from the intersection of HWYs 60 and 80 near Muscoda, then turn left onto Sand Lane - the road to the farm will
be on your right marked by Ho-Chunk sign. According to Cultural Landscape Legacies - non-profit involved in preservation of
this group - the mounds used to be available for viewing by appointment only by calling phone number (608) 739-3360. However,
due to recent changes in the farm's operations, the phone was disconnected when I tried to call, and the gate on the dirt road
leading to the farm was locked.
  This group used to be one of the largest in the region, comprised of almost 100 conical, linear and effigy mounds, of which 16 still
exist. Below, the bigger map is produced by the Office of the State Archeologist and shows mound landscape in more detail; the
smaller sketch shows existing mounds in red and destroyed ones in black.