Garman Nature Preserve Mounds
(Garman Group)

  This park was donated to the Jefferson County by Theo Garman in honor of her late husband Dr. John S. Garman in 2003 (the full name
of the park is Dr. J.S. Garman Nature Preserve). It harbors long-forgotten treasure - 22 mounds, including 19 conicals, one double-conical,
one oval and one tadpole (Jefferson County parks webpage mentions 26 mounds).
  Since the preserve was organized just a few years ago, it's still work in progress. Couple of trails were made so far, very wide and
covered with woodchips. There are quite a few wooden benches located along the trails. The mounds are still covered in thick vegetation,
so if you go looking for them you're unlikely to find them unless you go in early spring or late fall. Since the Ho-Chunk Nation takes part
in the preservation effort, I believe the mounds will be cleared and marked in the near future.