Garman Nature Preserve Mounds
(Garman Group)

   This park was donated to the Jefferson County by Theo Garman in honor of her late husband Dr. John S. Garman in 2003 (the full name 
of the park is Dr. J.S. Garman Nature Preserve). It harbors long-forgotten treasure - 22 mounds, including 19 conicals, one double-conical, 
one oval and one tadpole (Jefferson County parks webpage mentions 26 mounds). 

   Since the preserve was organized several years ago, a lot has changed. The photo above this text shows how the mounds looked just 
a few years ago - basically you would struggle to even find them. Photos below show how they look today. The mounds were all
 cleaned up of debris and invasive vegetation. Grass is grown on the mounds, and mowed around them to highlight the structures.
 Good work was done here over the years.