Upper Whiting Park Mounds

To find Upper Whiting Park, first you have to locate Village of Whiting, straddling Plover River and squeezed between Stevens Point
and Plover. Then, keep in mind that Lower Whiting Park is actually to the north of the river, so called because it's in the lowland.
Upper Whiting Park, on the other hand, offers higher ground right to the south of the river, located in the triangle formed by W. Cedar
and Currier Streets. You can find the main entrance just off of Currier Street and see the informational kiosk further down the path.
It seems the kiosk is still a work in progress, but there are several panels  describing the mounds and their history. According to that information, there are supposed to be 10 mounds in the park - 6 conical, 2 linear and 2 of undetermined shape. Six of those mounds
were previously unknown and only located during the latest survey by UW-Stevens Point in the year 2000.

I was able to locate only 2 mounds. One, right next to the kiosk, was obviously damaged in the past. Another one, at the end of the trail
and marked by boulders surrounding part of it, can also be accessed driving to the end of Currier Street and turning into the dead-end
Mollys Lane. Mounds are not individually marked and not protected from the public walking over them. In the woods I saw what almost definitely looked like other mounds from this group, but I can't be 100% sure since they were covered in brush and undergrowth.